Prepare for Worship

The Weekly Worship guide is a tool we prepare each week in advance to help you meditate on the scriptures, songs and themes that will be presented in the upcoming Sunday morning worship service.  We hope that taking time during the week to read the lyrics and scriptures will prove to be helpful to you in receiving all that God will pour out upon us as we meet together.  As you prepare your hearts for Sunday Worship we have included some things to aid you (individually and as a family) in preparation.  The guide is usually posted on Friday afternoon. Saturday evening family altar time would be a great time to use this.

Click the button on the bottom of the page to download this week's Weekly Worship guide.

How to Use the Guide

In your devotion time, read the Scripture Reading passage. Reading it in advance should make it easier for you to hear and understand when it is read publicly from the pulpit. This passage is usually chosen because it reinforces the theme or point of the sermon, or it anchors the lyrics of the songs that we are singing. Look for the connections to the sermon or songs as you read.

Read the passage that will be preached on. Think about some of the portions of Scripture that interest you or cause you to ask questions, then listen Sunday to see if Pastor Barry has anything to say about it. In your individual or family devotions begin to pray for God to give you understanding. Pray for Pastor Barry to speak God's Word boldly and clearly in the upcoming service.

Our services usually include a time of reflection and repentance, and many of the songs we sing share this theme.  If you are doing family altar, talk to your family about the sins that may have surfaced in your family this week and how the time of Confession in the service is a time to think about them and remember God's grace.  

The songs for this week are listed on the link  In your personal or family altar time sing or read through the lyrics, praying through them as you go. Also, pray for Josh as he prepares to lead us.

Think about friends and family who need to hear the message that will be proclaimed.  Take the opportunity and invite them to come with you this week to worship.