What to Expect


In our preaching, the Elders seek to be faithful to the Gospel of Christ. We believe that true biblical preaching necessitates the prominence of the Gospel. We believe that preaching is a chief means of grace – of instruction, encouragement, and change. We most often work through a specific book of the Bible and teach with a view toward application.

Our worship of God is built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is designed to inform the mind and affect the heart. We sing Christ-exalting contemporary songs, hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19) that express our love for God and His Gospel. Song selection is based on musical quality and theological/lyrical content.

All children are encouraged to participate in Worship each Sunday with their parents. A nursery is provided for children younger than three at the parents' discretion. The nursery is staffed with volunteer church members on a rotating schedule. The use of the nursery is left to the discretion of each family.



The Preparing for Worship guide is a tool we prepare each week in advance to help you meditate on the scriptures, songs and themes that will be presented in the upcoming Sunday morning worship service.  We hope that taking time during the week to read the lyrics and scriptures will prove to be helpful to you in receiving all that God will pour out upon us as we meet together. The guide is usually emailed to members each week. Saturday evening family altar time would be a great time to use this with your family.

Click here for more information, and to download the Preparing for Worship guide.