Scripture clearly gives parents the primary responsibility for raising their children in the “knowledge and admonition of the Lord.” The church’s role is a secondary and supportive one. The duty of the church is to equip the parents with the tools they need to raise children who love the Lord. We recognize not all children come from Christ-centered homes so we provide opportunities for outreach and evangelism among those families. We encourage all church members to participate in these efforts, in order to bring more families into the kingdom - more parents raising their children in the “knowledge and admonition of the Lord.”

Vision Statement for Children’s Ministry

Spreading the surpassing value of knowing Jesus Christ as LORD, for the glory of God, among the next generation.

Mission Statement for Children’s Ministry

We aim to impart to our children a God-centered, Christ-exalting, Holy Spirit-driven, Bible-saturated view of themselves and the world around them in the hope that they will belong wholly to the Lord, glorify Him in all they do,and spread His glory to their “next generation.”

Our children’s ministry operates smoothly and successfully because of the commitment of godly adults.  There is always a place for one more.  To volunteer or to have questions answered please contact the church office at 967-6023.